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your gateway to discovering your inner sound
Since 1997, TOPFUND has been dedicated to integrating crystal singing bowls and sound healing tools into daily life, supporting healers at every level.
We embrace the idea that "The top sound is the inner sound," using our bowls to help you discover your unique inner voice. TOPFUND aims to unite individuals interested in exploring the soul’s depth. Our diverse range includes Patterned, Set, Gemstone, and Solfeggio Singing Bowls.
Whether you're beginning your journey, upgrading, or customizing bowls, we're here to support you. Our handcrafted, finely-tuned bowls are made with care. Should you need assistance, our customer service team is on hand.
Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing
D Note Crystal Singing Bowl Sacral Chakra

Why Choose Topfund

· Stronger Energy

The raw material is 99.995% pure crystal, providing stronger energy.

Topfund Crystal Singing Bowls are known for their strong vibration and sound penetration.
Larger crystal singing bowls have the ability to release energy from blocked places within the body by allowing the sound to penetrate deeply.
This feature enhances the healing and therapeutic effects of the bowls.

· Stronger Timbre

The surface is carefully designed and optimised, hand-polished for a smoother and longer lasting sound.

Singing bowl with a stronger timbre produces a richer and more resonant sound.
The stronger timbre enhances the depth and quality of the vibrations produced by the singing bowl. A singing bowl with a stronger timbre is often preferred for meditation and healing practices.

· More Stable Tone

Bowl wall is about 2.5cm higher than other products on the market, louder tone.

Singing bowls, especially crystal ones, are tuned to specific frequencies that result in a more stable and enduring tone.
This tuning ensures that the sound produced is constant and unwavering, creating a harmonious and calming effect.

· Longer Lasting Sound

The bottom curvature is small, have a longer sound, placed more smoothly.

The design and thickness of the topfund crystal singing bowl contribute to a longer-lasting sound.
The resonant properties of the crystal material enable the sound to reverberate for an extended period, creating a lasting and immersive auditory experience.


TOPFUND Violet A# Note Pineal Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl - TOPFUND Crystal Singing Bowl

TOPFUND Malady of Nature Chakra Set of 7 Crystal Singing Bowls

I LOVE these bowls! I use them in my sound healing events and also in my Reiki Classes. The sound is amazing and the gold embossed pictures from the animal kingdom are beyond beautiful. They are now my favorite set of singing bowls. Thank you for making these extraordinary and beautiful sound instruments. I am so grateful.

Julie Russell / ICRT Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Sound Healer

TOPFUND 10 inch Orange Yellow E Note  Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl - TOPFUND Crystal Singing Bowl

TOPFUND Chakra Set of 7 Crystal Singing Bowls 6-14 inch

Decided to put some colour changing tealights into the bowls to see how they would look. Love these bowls they sound amazing, good sturdy bags for storage, not keep on the suede mallets. That is the only negative. Have already recommended these set of bowls to a friend.

Jeanette C

TOPFUND Pink F Note Crystal Singing Bowl Heart Chakra - TOPFUND Crystal Singing Bowl

TOPFUND Chakra 6-10 inch Set of 7 Color Crystal Singing Bowls

I knew they'd be awesome, but Wow, the tone, the resonance the vibration, my body tells this is real healing effects, so impressed, still busy building our sound room / healing zone "Divine Earth Vibration" they most certainly are. We'll be back, thanks for the great service, delivery and Quality. <3<3<3 Peace n Loves

Steven R

TOPFUND Blue G# Note Crystal Singing Bowl Zeal Chakra - TOPFUND Crystal Singing Bowl

Color 7-11 inch Set of 3 Crystal Singing Bowls with Heavy Duty Carrying Case and Singing Bowls Mallets

Beautiful sounding bowls! Efficient delivery and great communication when I needed a question answered. Highly recommend!

Tanya G

TOPFUND Handcrafted Pink Purple Rainbow F Note Crystal Singing Bowl 10 inch Heart Chakra with Heavy Duty Carrying Cae and Suede Striker

I have several of your bowls. They are beautiful and awesome in sound. It arrived safely and quickly. Very well packaged. Thank you so much. The sounds are awesome.

Dorothy B

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