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Sound Healing With Yoga

Sound Healing With Yoga


There is lots of debate in Yoga communities about sound and music during practice. Some say that sound is an external distraction that keeps the yogi from going inward, since the practice of Yoga is about transcending the senses and discovering the true nature of self.

However, sound and music can be aids in supporting the space and practice. There is a very special place for sound and music in yoga.

Have you ever been in a Yoga class, only to feel agitated by all the shuffling, coughing, and adjusting going on during class?

Even worse, have you ever been in a Yoga class with bad music that doesn’t fit the vibe? Unfortunately, these experiences are all too common and may even turn students away from your class.

Every yoga class is filled with sounds that influence your mental state, whether intentional or not. When done right, music can help quiet background noise and decrease distractions.

A quiet mind is the key to going deeper in your practice. Through recent studies, we know that sound therapy supports concentration, reduces anxiety, and even improves blood pressure. Music has the power to calm the mind and relax the body– by rewiring neural networks.

Traditional sound healing has been used along side yoga, the Chakra System, and Solfeggio frequencies for thousands of years.

A true yogi knows how beneficial these effects may be on the Yogic path of “union” with the highest truth.

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