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Sound Medicine – When Sounds Help Heal

Sound Medicine – When Sounds Help Heal


Sound Medicine – When Sounds Help Heal

Sound Healing, Sound Medicine or Sound Meditation  the doctor Lisa Schuster has experienced first-hand how healing sounds are. The medical graduate tells us how sounds measurably influence our brain and nervous system and how sounds and vibrations support us on the way to holistic healing. display

Dear Lisa, "sound healing" is on everyone's lips right now – but I know you're not a big advocate of this term, right?

Correct. Simply because "sound healing" implies that the sounds could heal – but it's not quite like that. The sound doesn't work like a pill you take and you're cured. It's more that the healing takes place within. The sounds are only the medium. They form the space for healing. That's why I tend to use terms like Sound Therapy, Sound Medicine, Sound Bath or Sound Meditation – my personal favorite term. But you can also simply call it singing bowl therapy.

But the singing bowl therapy or singing bowl massage includes more than "just" the sound, right?

Yes, there is also the singing bowl massage, with Tibetan singing bowls, where the instruments are really placed on the body. Here, the physical aspect plays a big role, as the vibration enters directly through the body. But that's the only difference.

How did you get into sound work?

It's been a long road. During my medical studies, I had a lot of problems: I was always on the verge of burnout, had a lot of emotions inside me that I could never control and that I couldn't do anything with. I didn't know what to do with myself and was very performance-oriented. In addition, I did professional bodybuilding, was on stage and that gave my body the rest. All of this then accumulated. I was burned out, my body hurt. I could barely move.

What did the doctors say?

Well, my blood values were great and conventional medicine didn't have any answers for me. I went looking for it and wanted to know what was wrong with me. I began to delve into the topic of yoga and get to the bottom of the essence of it. I did a yoga therapy training and was really amazed at how many things suddenly came up in me. How much I moved and opened up was unbelievable. And I wondered why no one told me that in medical school.

So you've come up with your own answers...

Correct. I immersed myself more and more in Eastern medicine with Ayurveda, because the yoga therapy training also consisted of many Ayurvedic components. What fascinated me a lot was this completely different approach to people and health. Everything is designed for prevention. People are not treated only when they are sick, but even before. Through all these experiences and the new approach to myself, I suddenly realized what I was missing: music.

Does that mean it was an integral part of your life before that?

I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old, I was an electric bass player in a band. During my studies, however, I didn't leave any room for that. After I regained access to myself through yoga and meditation, I felt, "You need to work with music again." So from one day to the next I decided that I wanted to become a DJ and yes, I really started that after 2 weeks.

Was that the first step on your way to sound work?

At first, it was just a joke. I wanted to experiment, but I built a business with it. I traveled the world and continued to study medicine on the side. So the question arose: How can I combine medicine with yoga, mindfulness, prevention and music? Because I had seen for myself how strong and alive the music had made me. I wanted to know what's behind it – to find out the science behind it. In America, I got to know singing bowls and Sound Bath Meditation. I was completely fascinated by the feeling I had afterwards – this resonance inside me and with everything around me. I felt a deep connection, I was completely in tune, there was no more resistance. I didn't know anything like this before – this state of basic trust. I started to implement the sound in my work as a yoga therapist. Today I am the founder and director of the Sound Medicine Institute Germany and have my own singing bowl brand the Akasha Bowls. I give courses, train people worldwide and work for various companies, in the field of mindfulness through sound, so that everyone can feel the benefits.

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