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11 Types of Meditation That Can Help Treat Depression

11 Types of Meditation That Can Help Treat Depression


How Meditation Can Help with Depression

The dozens of different types of meditation all seek a state of heightened awareness, said Dr. Schwartz, and that heightened awareness could have far-ranging benefits for people with depression and anxiety.

A substantial body of evidence indicates that meditation therapies may help people with clinical depressive disorders, including individuals experiencing a major depressive episode.1 One study of Brazilian students found that a six-week meditation course reduced depression and anxiety symptoms in students.2

The authors of one review described using meditation to treat depression as so beneficial that they suggested that it could be used in the clinical setting on a first-line basis or as an adjunctive treatment for depression.1

"There is a strong feeling in the neuroscience area and the psychology realm that meditation and meditative practices can change your brain physiology," said Dr. Schwartz.

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